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Unidade de desgaseificação móvel CMM-6/7

The СММ-6/7 is designed for purification of electrical insulating oils, removing water, gas and solid particles, and for transformer evacuation.

This unit is normally used during installation, operation and servicing of oil-filled high voltage equipment (transformer, high voltage switches etc).

The unit can be operated in the following modes:

  • transformer heating: in this mode the oil is filtered and heated;
  • oil degassing: this mode is for filtration, drying and degassing oil;
  • transformer evacuation.

Parameter Value
Capacity, m3/hour, not less than
  – degassing, drying and filtration mode 2-6
– heating and filtration mode 2-7
* Processed oil parameters:
  – gas content, % vol, max 0,1
– water content, ppm, max 10
– ISO 4406 purity class 16/14/12
Max oil output temperature in heating mode, ºС 90
Outlet pressure, MPa 0,2
Max heater power, kW 115
Max power consumption, kW 130
Residual vacuum chamber pressure for degassing, Pa, max 267
Residual vacuum chamber pressure for seal test, Pa, max 26,7
Max air leak in 1 hour seal test, Pa 267
Power supply
  – voltage, V 400
– frequency, Hz** 50/60
Dimensions, mm
  – length 3750
– height 2110
– width 2150
Weight, kg 2000

* Note –  Initial oil quality parameters:

  • gas content: below 10.5% vol
  • water content: below 0.005% (50 g/t)
  • temperature: above 0 ºС.

** Todo o equipamento fornecido nos EUA usa 60 Hz de corrente alternada.

  • versatility;
  • no need to use adsorbents for transformer oil drying;
  • no air pollution and no waste streams to dispose of or store;
  • simple operation and servicing;
  • best oil quality even after one processing cycle;
  • low power requirements;
  • low noise levels.


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